Monday, June 25, 2012

Bear and the Bow

Those of you who want to hear my opinions on how bad Brave was, will to your displeasure not being hearing them. There's no point in me saying what everyone else is.

What I'll say instead is what I liked about it.  I think that it's the most realistic (and good) telling of the relationship between an over protective mother and daughter. I'm glad that what Chapman originally wanted out of the movie was there, and that I think I could see what it would've been in the original. The first 5 minutes are some of the best 5 minutes of animation I think I've ever seen from Pixar. Everything from when she was little was perfect.   

Also. I'm sorry. I didn't even bother to look up a bear reference. *throws logic to the wind* 
An alternate title for this post can be: "Why Is it 3 in the Morning" 

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